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Stories listed by fandom, in the order in which I got into them. Even though some of my early stuff doesn't look as good to me now as it once did, in the interest of completeness, it's all here. So, here's the timeline...click on a fandom to go directly to it, or scroll down to see it all.

Joxer Stories
Phantom Menace
Twin Peaks
L.A. Confidential
The Sentinel
First Wave
Dark Angel
The Way of the Gun
Pitch Black
Assorted Snippets (at my livejournal, currently only Witchblade and Sentinel)

Coming soon:
Stargate: SG-1

Joxer Stories (The Hercules/Xena Universe)

Fall 1998: I'd been reading slash and adult stuff for a while, but hadn't written any. I posted my first adult and slash stories to Joxerotica, a list devoted to stories involving characters played by Ted Raimi.

The Dream Cycle NC-17, Joxer/Gabrielle, is also available in Joxerotica #1.

Early 1999: Twenty-Eighth Night NC-17, slash. A challenge response that takes all the mistaken identity of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" and transfers it to the Xenaverse. Joxer, Jett, and Jace are shipwrecked. Co-winner of the first annual Joxerotica Award for Best Challenge Response Story or Series. Initially, the 28 referred to the month of February, but the story wasn't completed until a little later in spring. Jace has since appeared onscreen, but this story portrays him as I imagined at the time he might be.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Summer 1999: The unbelievably slashy "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" was the source of an instant fandom: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan. While attempting to come up with an idea for a Q/O story, I woke up one morning with Mace Windu's voice in my head. My only (so far) Star Wars fic was posted to Master_Apprentice.

Sparkling PG, slash.

Twin Peaks

Summer 1999-present: I got my now-infamous craving for Twin Peaks fic. I posted a story involving Rusty Tomaski (Ted Raimi's TP character) to Joxerotica.

Road Trip NC-17, Cooper/Wheeler/Tomaski

Then I took the plunge and started my very first mailing list and archive - BookhouseBoys.

Twin Peaks Sheriff Harry Truman began to "speak" to me.
The Fall Series mostly NC-17, Cooper/Truman

Reptile NC-17, Truman/Rosenfield
Walk Away NC-17, Truman/Rosenfield
Beard Burn NC-17, Truman/Rosenfield

Keeping Awake NC-17, Cooper/Rosenfield

New as of 11/10/02:
Last Words NC-17 Truman/Hill


Late 1999: My dear friend Ellie, the Goddess of Fanfic Encouragement, sucked me into co-writing an X-Files humor piece. There's a little something in there for fans of my Twin Peaks and/or First Wave stories, too.

I'll Take What's Behind Door Number Two... by Ellie and Tiriel, R.

And in Summer 2000, I talked her into collaborating on another one...
Three FBI Agents, Three Conspiracy Members, Three Conspiracy Theorists, Three Extraneous Family Members (Two Real, One Imagined), Seven Ghosts, A Surfer, and A Baby by Ellie and Tiriel, R.

And once again, early Fall 2000...
Bedtime for Fox by Ellie and Tiriel, R.

A First Wave/X-Files crossover, no Ellie this time, less humor.
Past Life NC-17, m/m

Ellie and I have a fourth collaboration in the works, with the intent of venting all of our X-Files spleen in one great final burst. That may take a while.

L.A. Confidential

Late 1999-present: I have long considered this to be one of the slashiest (and best) films of all time. Once again frustrated by a lack of stories, I wrote some of my own and started a list and archive for this baby-fandom.

OnTheQT mailing list

On The Q.T. archive

But Not For Me -a short little mood piece.

Made NC-17, Exley/Vincennes

Healing NC-17, Exley/White

White Christmas NC-17, Exley/White

Victory First in a trilogy. Exley/White
Dance With A Man Second in the trilogy. Exley/White
The third story is in the editing phase at the moment, and may stay there for a while.

The Sentinel

2000-2001: I've been a long-time reader of Sentinel fiction, and had been meaning to write some for a while.

Wood NC-17, Jim/Blair, first in the Quartered Circle series.
Bronze NC-17, Jim/Blair, second in the Quartered Circle series.
Iron NC-17, Jim/Blair, third in the Quartered Circle series
Water NC-17, Jim/Blair, fourth in the Quartered Circle series

Summer 2002: Yes, I will write the last two in this series. No, I don't know when. But the four above are fairly self-contained, so feel free to read them in the meantime. No cliffhangers, I promise.

First Wave

Early 2000-present: I never found this show slashy, until I saw the second season premiere. (Although in hindsight, as I rewatch season one, I missed a *lot* of slash there, too.) First off in Target 117, there was Joshua, clearly in love with his former student Lucas (in a female body at the moment, but still). Then there was a certain line of dialogue, and Eddie started to "speak" to me. All are Cade/Eddie unless otherwise noted.

The Private Journals of "Crazy" Eddie Nambulous a series of episode-related snippets and stories.

And because I'm a sucker for a first time story, here's one outside of the "Journals" series that follows the episode "Night Falls." You may recognize the title from that episode's quatrain.
Barren Ground NC-17

And after the ep "All About Eddie" I couldn't resist another first time story...
Foster For A Day NC-17

A dark and disturbing piece written to follow the ep "The Believers"
Lone Gunman PG-13

A Joshua story set sometime after the ep "The Trial of Joshua Bridges"
Fever Dream R

Eddie's side of the events of the episode "Tomorrow"
Today NC-17

After the season three episode "Mabus"
Interlude NC-17

A First Wave/X-Files crossover
Past Life NC-17

Another C/E one about Eddie's past...
Open Book NC-17

A shameless C/E PWP
Lofty Pines NC-17

A C/E story written for Ellie's birthday.
Luck PG-13

I also run a FW list and archive. HavenSt is at Yahoogroups, and you can visit the 19 Haven St. archive, too.


Mid-2000: Russell Crowe. Russell Crowe. Russell Crowe. *grrrrrrrrrowl* Need I say more? Just a bit of silliness I thought up while watching the film for the second time.

Commodus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Dark Angel

Early 2001-present:

Tiriel's Dark Angel Manifesto: Logan is incredible. He's very nearly my ideal. Brilliant, witty, and very easy on the eyes. His only flaw seems to be his taste in women. He *SO* deserves better than Max, the SuperPout. But, much to my dismay, there was no one on the show worthy of him. Until Zack showed up and they hated each other on sight. We all know that in my fevered little mind, when two men hate each other on sight, I see foreplay. (See also my L.A. Confidential obsession.) Zack was a jerk, but I could work around that. And then the writers played right into my slashy little hands and gave Zack hidden depths (in Blah Blah Woof Woof) and one of the best lines of the show to date (the "black coffee" line from Cold Comfort). So once it was established that somewhere deep down inside, Zack was a Real Boy, I was free to slash away. There's a very pretty little place in my head where Max gets killed and Zack stays in town to fight evil at Logan's side by day and make mad passionate love to him by night. But that's not the idea of this series. At least not the part about Max dying. Even though I wouldn't mind if she did. Bottom line: Logan deserves better. And I'm gonna make sure he gets it.

The Macho Posturing Series:

Game PG
Even PG-13
Night NC-17

Summer 2002:
Dark Angel lost its appeal for me in the second season, but I'll be returning to this series soon with a fourth story to close it out.

The Way of the Gun

Early 2001: For starters, Christopher McQuarrie, writer-director of The Way of the Gun and Academy Award-winning writer of The Usual Suspects, is a genius. Secondly, Benicio Del Toro is extremely sexy. Last, but far from least, there's a hell of a lot of slash potential in this film between the two main characters.

Not An Addict NC-17, m/m
Up The Ante NC-17, m/m

Fall 2002:

Restless NC-17, m/m

Pitch Black

June 2001: My dear friend and collaborator, Ellie, asked for a birthday present. My first (and probably only) Pitch Black story.

Different NC-17, m/m


July 2001: So I didn't really need another fandom, but Witchblade has sucked me in. So here's another ongoing series. Ian/Jake.

Time NC-17, m/m
Sleepless NC-17, m/m
Reflection NC-17, m/m
No Coincidences PG-13, m/m
Illusion PG-13, m/m
Crossing PG-13, m/m

Spring 2002:

A brief challenge response.
Jealousy NC-17, m/m

Summer 2002:

Set between the Illusion series and what is yet to come.
Bridge NC-17, m/m.

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